The Review of MetaOps

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3 min readMar 8, 2023

We played @MetaOpsGaming by Open Portal Studios with @1hornedhorse & Luci and we would like the share our first impressions and some information about MetaOps Tactical #FPS

First of all, amazing graphics and gameplay and it’s awesome to see those bullets in the air. It’s like raining bullets from everywhere.

Game Category: Tactical FPS

Network: Solana, Avalanche

Platform: PC

NFT and Token System: In-Game NFT Mechanics & Token


About the game

Anything is possible in the metaverse. There are no limits to your future on Meta Ops. All in-game assets will be released as NFTs, so you can decide what you prefer to use in the game. You will have full ownership of your in-game assets and benefit from their contributions. Likewise, the unique items that you are awarded will have identifiers that ascribe to a variable value.


There is a live drop of MetaOps on #Avalanche. Here’s the details of the drop and road map of the project.



+11k Twitter Followers, +9k Discord Members, +300 Youtube Subscribers.
Both community and the team members are active on all social media. They are very friendly and helpful.

On-chain Data:

Metaops released 3 different NFT collections on Solana so far. Here’s some on chain data of them.

Metaops Founder Pass:

Total Vol: +650$SOL Owners: +550 Total Supply: 2K

Metaops PFP
Total Vol: ~10k$SOL Owners:1881 TS:5.5k

Metaops CQC:
Total Volume: ~200$SOL Owners:+450 TS:3k

Luci’s Notes:
Well, it’s been a very long time since I haven’t played any FPS game before I tried Metaops. It didn’t take too long to adapt though. Quite easy to create an account, get NFT, download the game and play but ofc you should practice to be good at it. It’s awesome and really fun to play with the guys from the team at community events. Listening to their reaction (after they got killed by Luci) felt good even though they probably killed me twice as much as I killed them. Also, I must mention the bots. If you can’t find anyone else to play with you, it’s great to have an option to play with bots which are definitely not stupid, very deadly in close range and quite impressive while using guns. They remember the spot where they died and chase down the killer for revenge. I had a lot of fun even with the bots. And another thing that I shouldn’t forget to mention is that this is not the final version of the game. And this makes me more excited about the future.

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