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3 min readMar 4, 2023


We played The Legend of Aurum Draconis by @dcggamefi with @1hornedhorse & @Luci13131313

We would like the share our first impressions and some details about Aurum Draconis. The first thing we want to say is how beautiful the theme music is. You can listen theme music and visit their test net thought the link:

Game Category: RPG (Text-based)
Network: Avalanche
Platform: Browser
NFT and Token System: In-Game NFT Mechanics — Dual Token

Story and Fiction

Long before humans roamed these lands, Dragon Haven was the fabled breeding ground of dragons. Over the ages many battles were fought between humankind and dragons as humans tried to settle in this fertile and resource rich region. The dragons retreated to distant lands where they could be free and safe to nest.

Aurum Draconis, fearsome leader of the dragons, never forget nor forgive the loss of his ancestral lands. He made an oath to himself and the other dragons to one day return to Dragon Haven and reclaim what once was theirs…

Currently the team is working on an updated road map. Here’s what have they accomplished so far:

- Tiny Dragon NFTs
- Tiny Dragon Arena
- Fire Lottery
- Dragon Crypto Hero
- $DCAU & $DCAR tokens
- The Legend of Aurum Draconis — Alpha test net

On-chain Data:
$DCAU — TS: 155k — +1.7k Holders — +60k tx
$DCAR — TS: 40m — +1.3k Holders — +250k tx
Tiny Dragon NFTs: TS: 1000 — +400 Holders — + 4.5k tx
Dragon Crypto Hero: TS: ∞ (so far 2126 minted) — +850 Holders — + 5k tx


Here’s some numbers:
+13k Twitter Followers, +4k Discord Members, +600 Youtube Subscribers.
Both community and the team members are active on all social media. They are friendly and willing to help with anything.


Sam TheWise — Lead Engineer — @samcryptohobbit

Paul TheUnwise — Developer — @PaultheUnwise

0xGlen — Business Operations / Legal — @0xGlen

Heatengine — Marketing / Outreach — @heatengin3

0xn1ck — Content / Advisor — @ZeroxNick

Neothon — Dev / UX — @0xNeothon

PolyPup — Dev — @PolyPup1

Pyro — Marketing — @pyropyrosquid

Can’s Notes:

Hero NFTs:

Players need to require a Hero NFT to play the Game. Each Hero NFTs can be bought and sold for DCAU.

Heroes have five ranks: Neophyte, Apprentice, Master, GrandMaster, and Legendary. Each level or rarity will increase the amount of starting points you get to spend on your hero’s stats.

Token System:

Dual Token:

$DCAR: Purchasing in-game assets, items, and equipment. Staking, farming.

$DCAU: Hero NFT minting, Purchasing in-game assets, items, and equipment. Staking, farming.

Luci’s Notes:

I’ve tried lots of #P2E games for 2 years. Most of them were just staking NFTs but The Legend of #AurumDraconis is an actual game and it’s fun to play. I love some of the details like Day & Night circle which is well thought. There are lots of things to do even in the test net. Combat, gather, loot, craft, level up, listen to music, rest and earn. It’s easy figure the game out if you’re familiar with #RPG.

All the links you need is here:



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