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3 min readMar 7, 2023


We played Ascenders by @playascenders with @1hornedhorse & @Luci13131313 and would like the share our first impressions and some details about Ascenders!

Test Version: Unreal Engine 4

New Version: Unreal Engine 5

Game Category: Action RPG, Open World, Strategic Combat

Network: Avalanche (Building their own subnet)

Platform: PC (Windows & Mac)

NFT and Token System: In-Game NFT Mechanics — Dual Token: $AGC — Governance token and $GG — currency token.


Story and Fiction

In the beginning, scientists and cosmologists selected what they believed to be the perfect planet — fertile ground for the seed of mankind to flourish. It was then up to the engineers and astrophysicists to find a way to get there. By creating and harnessing the power of an artificial wormhole, it was believed that the 27 million years it would normally take to traverse the vastness of space would be dramatically reduced. It was the perfect solution.


The Ascenders economy is framed by three main economic lanes — Explorer, Fighter, and Builder — each with its own gameplay loop, resources, rewards, and strategies to master. Each lane is tailored around a different player type, so that everyone can find their economic niche.


Currently, team is working on updated Road Map but let’s check out what they accomplished so far:

  • Initial gameplay and economy design
  • Game world RnD and prototyping
  • Pipeline development
  • Ascenders public announcement and Combat challenge event
  • Technical RnD phase for world implementation
  • Production design for game look and feel


+27k Twitter Followers, +16k Discord Members, +350 Youtube Subscribers.
Both community and the team members are active across all social media. They are very friendly and willing to help with anything.


There are ~40 people on payroll, most of which are in the office in the Netherlands. A handful of people are spread around the world and working remotely. But let’s check out the core:

Jackson Poon — CEO — Certified crypto degen, Qualified lawyer, serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Paramount Capital
Will Davis — Head of Development — 35 years in game dev. Previously held director positions at Ubisoft & EA Games

Chris Rothwell — Design Director — 20 years in game dev, BAFTA award winner. Previously lead designer at Rockstar North & Capcom.

Luci’s Notes

First things first, I have to say that what an amazing environment. It definitely draws the player in. When I first started the game on 04/22, I just watched the wonderful world of ascenders for several minutes without doing anything. And then started to dive into the action which is so much fun. I played all of the mini combat events. It is really great to play with every possible in game character. I can’t wait to play for the #RPG part to be added to the game.

You can download and try Ascenders through the link:

There are a couple of different game modes waiting for you!

All the other links you need is here:



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