Digard Social Reward System — First Approach

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2 min readApr 24, 2022


The First Approach to Digard Social Reward System will introduce you to the concrete of its foundation.

Reward System for Your Efforts at Digard

The Digard ecosystem, where the community will be at its core, will have different ranks based on players’ interaction with Digard. Players who support community growth and engage with Digard on an ongoing basis will be rewarded with these ranks.

Your collective and individual efforts will be evaluated within the Digard reward system. Each minute of your time dedicated to community development will be rewarded by upgrading your rank. This social reward system will be the driving force of our community growth that will benefit everyone, both the community and games.

Defining its mission as a crypto gaming universe, the Digard team is thrilled to build and provide a strong community and gaming experience for players.

Why Does the Reward System Matter?

Digard Social Reward System is designed in such a way to make each player feel like a stakeholder to create a more integrated community.

All the support to grow the Digard community means also supporting the game developers. Thus, these games in the Digard Ecosystem will have a much easier time reaching wider audiences.

Pleasure and Motivation

Members of the Digard community will be rewarded for their activity on the platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

Members will receive the title of Digardian, based on their support. The support will be scored as “Beginner (newbie), midlevel (rookie), advanced (master), and high level (grandmaster)”.


  • NFT giveaways,
  • NFT airdrops
  • Airdrops,
  • Increasing the chance of getting into Whitelists, based on the number of interactions,
  • Taking part in the testnet, and closed testnet of new games that will be on Digard Game Market(DGM).

Waiting for Name Suggestions!

We are looking for a name for our social reward system. Recommendations are welcome and we’ll pick 4 from the submissions and make a poll, winner will be rewarded.

More details about Digard Social Reward System will be available soon!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DigardOnline

Website: https://www.digard.online/



Digard - Crypto Gaming Universe

Digard, in short, is an entire Crypto Gaming Universe that is designed to take all the best parts of the blockchain and incorporate them into an enhanced exp.